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В статье представлены задания 19-38 из ЕГЭ по английскому языку. Материал полезен для подготовки к ЕГЭ.

As old as a brontosaurus

19. As we walked around the Prehistoric Park in Calgary, I had my six-year-old son, Jordie, pose for a picture with a brontosaurus

in the background. After I took the photo, I ______ help crying.                                                                            CAN NOT

20. «What’s wrong, Mom?» Jordie asked. I explained that when I was his

age, my parents had taken my picture standing in exactly the same spot,

and I was feeling rather nostalgic. I added that perhaps one day he ______ his son’s picture here.                                TAKE

21. Puzzled, he looked several times from the brontosaurus to ______ .                                                                        I

22. I And then came the ______ moment of my life.                                                                                                  BAD

My son said, «But ... when you were a girl ... it was alive then, right?»

Victory Day

23. On this day, Russia celebrates the victory over Nazi Germany and honours 20 million Soviet people who died in the war.

May 9 ______ , since on the night of the 8th/9th of 1945,                                                                                CHOOSE

the Nazi Germany surrendered to the Soviet Union and the Allies in Berlin.

24. In Russia, almost every family has at least one person who ______ part in the war.                                      TAKE
25. Older citizens who did not fight during the war worked in factories to make weapons,

which was not ______ than fighting. They, too, are honoured on Victory Day.                                                      EASY

Future population

26. The United Nations (UN) has published its prediction about the size and age of the world’s population three hundred years

from now. This report can help environmental ______ and policy-makers                                                          SCIENCE

to understand dramatic changes in the world’s population in the future.

27. The report suggests that if the birth rates stay the same,

there’ll be a huge expansion of the ______ population.                                                                                      GLOBE

28. You may think it is______ but three centuries from now there                                                                    POSSIBLE

may be over one hundred and thirty trillion people.
29. The report says that the world’s population is likely to be ______ older.                                                    SIGNIFICANT 

The average age will be fifty while today it is twenty six.
30. Almost a quarter of all the ______ of the planet will live in Africa.                                                                INHABIT 
31. ______ think that India, China and the United States                                                                              RESEARCH 

will continue to be countries with the biggest population.

A strange girl

Stephen pulled up the collar of his coat as he walked along the platform. Overhead a dim fog clouded the station. He was 32 ______ trains move slowly, throwing off clouds of steam into the cold air. Everything was dirty and smoke-grimed. Stephen thought with revulsion: “What a foul country — what a foul city!” He had to 33 ______ that his first excited reaction to London — its shops, its restaurants, its well-dressed attractive women — had faded. Supposing he were back in South Africa now... To 34 ______ the truth, he felt a quick pang of homesickness. Sunshine — blue skies — gardens of flowers. And here — dirt, grime and endless crowds — moving, hurrying, jostling.

He got on a train and passed along the corridor, looking for a place. The train was full. It was only three days before Christmas. He 35 ______ to go to his parents for Christmas... And then, suddenly, he caught his breath, looking into a carriage. This girl was different. Black hair, rich creamy pallor, the sad proud eyes of the South... It was all wrong that this girl should be sitting in this train 36 ______ these dull drab looking people. She should be somewhere splendid, not squeezed into the corner of a third class carriage.

He was an observant man. He did not fail to 37 ______ the shabbiness of her black coat and skirt, the cheap quality of her gloves. 38 ______ splendor was the quality he associated with her. He thought: “I’ve got to know who she is and what she’s doing here.”


1) watching

2) looking

3) staring

4) gazing


1) adopt

2) accept

3) admit

4) agree


1) say

2) talk

3) speak

4) tell


1) held

2) used

3) took

4) kept


1) among

2) between

3) besides

4) along


1) observe

2) note

3) spot

4) remark


1) Never the less

2) Never more

3) Although

4) There fore

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